Circle of Collingwood

Friends of William Collingwood on his would be LinkedIn and Facebook Page.



Collingwood Smith (Artist, Cousin)

Congleton, Lord (Missionary to Bagdad and influenced Collingwood in his choice of religious sect)

Dawson, Lance

Harding, James Duffield (Artist, Mentor, Neighbour in Blackheath Greenwich, friend of his father Samuel)

Hunt, William (Artist , Hastings)

Hunt, Alfred William. (Liverpool Artist R.W.S.)

Hunt, Andrew (Father of Alfred William Hunt also artist)

Miller, John (Friend and Patron of so many Liverpool artists. His daughter was a student of W.C’s in Liverpool)

Prout, Samuel (Artist, Hastings)

Rossetti, T. Pietrocola (A Cousin – To be verified but more than likely an incorrect reference to Stuart Dodgson Collingwood (Who wrote the Life and Letters of Lewis Carroll)? )

Ruskin, John (Art critic, author)

Smith, Samuel M.P (Purchased artwork Nelson at Yarmouth)