William Collingwood Smith Grave Restoration

Dear All,

Today marks exactly 130 years since the death of Royal Water Colour Society Artist; William Collingwood Smith. (10 October 1815 – 15 March 1887).

Today is also the official go live of this new website that will serve as an information portal for works of art by a family of Collingwood artists. The website itself is very much under construction but will be developed over the coming weeks and months. We hope to include biographies, timelines, online galleries, auction information, links to resources, books, physical galleries and museums that house Collingwood paitings and much more.

To honour William Collingwood Smith, his wife Louisa smith and their son William Collingwood Harding Smith, a campaign has been launched to restore their tombstone and burial plot that has fallen into disrepair and is in urgent need of maintenance.

Please click here to be taken to the campaign page

Thank you for taking the time to read this page.


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